Ali Paskun, The Leadership Authority, offers coaching and mentoring to individuals and business leaders utilizing her training and resources designed to expand your leadership skills in business and in life.

Our coaching and mentoring are designed to be informative, fun, and entertaining (otherwise what is the point?). Using her knowledge, training, and experience, Ali teaches in a way that makes the material easy to remember.

But wait…there’s more! She goes beyond just teaching; she demonstrates how to apply the material in real-life scenarios in a way the client can actually use what they have learned.

Leadership can come from any number of areas in your life. Here are some of Ali’s examples:

"Integrating your hobbies into your business."

the office integrating your hobbies into your business

"Be more productive. Hire a freelancer."

be more productive hire a freelancer

For a one-on-one leadership coaching session with Ali, contact us.

When coaching someone, don't ask, 'what is the goal you want to achieve'? Instead, ask 'What does successful achievement of your goal look like to you'? Then build a plan around that.

Ali Paskun